Covid Times

2020, Maplewood, NJ

Well, that was a rather different last 10 months to 2020 than was planned.  I was continually reminded how lucky I was.  Having been fortunate to remain fit and healthy I had the chance to look at different things and some things differently.

Passing Days

Backyard Visitors

Black & White Of Winter

And Passing Seasons Too

Christmas 2020: Were The Lights Brighter?

Click on photograph for details.

Maplewood NJ Swimming Pool

Visits to the Town Pool were regular in the summer of 2020.  Not for swimming though, but for Covid Testing.

Our Street

Lifes celebrations were celebrated together, outside, on Our Street.  We had drive by parades of friends and even the local Police joined in.

Rangeley, Maine

Road trips to nearby States, were at times possible.  Here the lively  river water forms a cloud around the rocks.

Election 2020

The most disputed Election in history was preceeded by the most divisive campaigning for over a hundred years.  Signs gave a taste of the bitter divide.  Seen in NJ & PA.

Camping High Point, New Jersey

Hotels and planes suddenly seemed unsafe and so camping was rediscovered and great fun it was too.  


Seen on cycle ride near Mendham NJ

Observation Gallery

Merrill Lake

In Fall

Just another bird

Noticing nature


Night Sky 
The Milky Way and more

Road Trip 

Rural northern Pennsylvania


Road Trip



Fox Encounter 
Not sure who was more surprised !


At work


Jersey Shore Trips

Beach days


More Backyard Visitors
This one came inside but was removed!

Birthday Zoom

A new opportunity


9-11 Memorial – looking at NYC

An earlier tradegy remembered


A Year of Lawn Signs
So many issues

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