Industrial Might

Soriano nel Cimino, a couple hours north of Rome.  View from hotel and actually from the bed (normally get view of Laundry Area!)!

Lovely town, which was substantially damage in June 1944 as The Allies chased German forces north.

By the way that bottle of local wine cost a whopping Euro2.20!

Industrial Might

I made a trip on Amtrak to Rome, NY to be on the edge of the April 8th 2024 Eclipse.  Photographically it was hard work thanks to a fast moving pretty thick layer of cloud.  But ‘I was there’!

Industrial Might

Coast Guard Barque Eagle

Built in Hamburg, Germany in 1936 the vessel ended up in the USA Coast Guard as part of the World War 2 reparations.  

Photographed at its home port of New London, Connecticut in February 2024, it is used for training and goodwill missions to this day.

Industrial Might

A routine, poor, cell phone produced photo?    

Look closely and you will see the Lincoln Memorial and the Jackie Kennedy Garden.   Six months planning got a visit in to The White House!  Fascinating.

What is the best camera is a question often asked and the answer is:  the one you have, or in this case, are allowed to use.  Phones allowed, proper cameras are not.

Industrial Might

Christmas lunchtime concert in The colorful Mormon Tabernacle, Temple Square, Salt Lake City.  Utah.

Industrial Might

The Milky Way as seen on a recent evening visit to Arches National Park Utah.   At busy times Americas wonderful National Parks can be overwhelmed with visitors.  Not so The Arches National Park last week (early December 2023), which was almost deserted.  Magnificent!  My fear was we’d break down and not be found for ages! 

Industrial Might

Sunrise view of Manhattan in Fall 2023, taken from Montclair, New Jersey.

Industrial Might

Narva, Estonia.  On the left is Estonia and on the right, Russia, divided by the River Narva.  The scene of  many battles including in the World War 2.

On a recent visit I was struck by the lovely promenade built on the EU/Estonian side, whereas on the Russian side there was a ramshackle collection of builts with no such promenades.

Industrial Might

A part of the UNESCO listed Tallinn, Estonia, skyline at night.

Industrial Might

Finally, with a new 90mm Macro Lens – and a lot of patience -a real close up – this time of a tropical wasp.   

Industrial Might

St Maarten Island in the Caribbean.  The airport runway ends right at a now popular, beach.  There are lots of small turbo props to nearby islands and a few mid size jets, once or twice a day you get to see a big one from France or The Netherlands.  What a sight it is too.

Despite living in an area with high trees and light pollution I was still – just – able to see a meteorite, with the help of the camera.

Industrial Might

The other lines are aircraft in the New York area and the movement of the stars over the 45 minutes that the camera shutter was open.   Still – a meteorite is spotted!

Industrial Might

Sometimes photography involves luck!  After a summer storm this magnificent rainbow appeared and was in view for no more than 5 minutes.  It was over the Shawnee Inn and golf course, set on the River Delaware, Pennsylvania.

Industrial Might

Newark, New Jersey.  13th July Funeral of one of two Newark Fire Fighters killed on 5th July 2023 on a ship fire in the nearby port.

Industrial Might

Brussels Grand Place, caught largely visitor free in the early morning.  It is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Industrial Might

A lunchtime rendezvous on the waterfront in Alexandria Egypt.  The Citadel is in the background.

Industrial Might

The Sloss Furnaces, which once made Birmingham Alabama the ‘Pittsburgh of the North” are now a National Historic Landmark and Museum.    Photographed as viewed from the Amtrak train, The Crescent,  approaching Birmingham.

An osprey spotted whilst it was out fishing.   Near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. 

A foal less than 24 hrs old. There are only around 5 births per year in the park so remarkable to come across this sight.

Early March in New Jersey….thats really early to catch this scene.

Last nights view of (and look closely) Jupiter and Venus conjunction!  From English Bay, Vancouver.

Whilst winter 2022/23 has so far seen much warmer temperatures for many across the northern hemisphere, a recent visit to Montreal proved that it still can be snowy.

Cold War recconnaisance aircraft – Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird – seen at the Air & Space Museum  next to Dulles Airport, outside Washington DC.

Flying out of Newark along the west side of Manhattan never ceases to excite!

Full moon (lower left), stars and a few planes coming/going to New York City airports.

Carbisdale Castle – View from a train on The Far North Line

Eagle Rock Observation 9-11 Memorial with New York City skyline in the background.

It is November – it is not normally 81F in New Jersey!  Dragon fly caught in action.

Rainy morning in Wick,  Caithness, Scotland.

Sunset caught whilst changing trains at Manulla Jct. Co. Mayo, Ireland

NYC Skyline from the East River

A cooperative Camel Cricket in the home basement.

A millipede up close – such detail on these creatures.

A common spider caught working hard or hanging out.

What a place to watch the Wimbledon Tennis Finals – Brooklyn Hill, New York City

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